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David High, born in 1942, grew up in the San Fernando Valley, Southern California, where cars were the big thing. Dave's fascination, like many youngsters of that era, led to hours of drawing pictures of his favorite automobiles...a hobby he still practices today.
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After working as an illustrator during a stint in the navy, Dave eventually decided to pursue his love of automobile in a different line--as a mechanic in his father Skeet's auto shop. But he soon discovered that his enjoyment of cars came from the art of drawing and customizing them--not repairing the engines.
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So he decided to restart his career--this time as a professional illustrator. He started at the bottom working nightshifts in the mail room of Hanna Barbara, the Hollywood based cartoon company that created Fred Flinstone and the Jetsons. It wasn't long before the rookie moved to daylight hours and settled into an upstairs desk as a background illustrator with one of the most prestigious animation companies in the world.

On the off seasons, Dave took up Automobile Upholstery restoring and designing custom car and boat interiors...another art form he truly enjoyed and once in a while still indulges in...if you can't find Dave you can bet he is probably in the garage tinkering away on one of his roadsters.

During the '80s Dave's cartooning skills became a hot item in the Hollywood art/designer scene. He worked for such studios as Hanna-Barbara, Ruby Spears, MGM and Walt Disney. As soon as one animation project was completed, he was snatched up as art director for another company. He worked on such productions as the California Raisins, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pocahontas and All Dogs Go to Heaven. Not only was Dave the art director for the live action show that debuted "Teddy Ruxpin", the talking bear, but he also illustrated and produced the Ruxpin books and three videos. Check out some of the work he did for the entertainment industry.

In 1990 Dave decided to take his Toons to T's! Creating "Dave High Ink", a family owned and operated garment screen print shop located in Southern California in the city of Simi Valley. If you live in this area you no doubt have seen his designs being worn all over town. "Dave High Ink" is the result of Dave's humor, talent, experience and a lifetime pursuit for creative freedom. His Designs bring humor to Businesses, Clubs, Special Events and Schools...reminding us all to laugh.

If you would like more information about our custom design, printing and other services OR would like to receive the "DAVE HIGH INK E-News" about our products, events, sales, contests and other fun stuff e-mail us at info@davehighink.net or call us at 1.805.583.4444.



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